Research Shows Amount of Sleep Vital to Health

BELPRE W.Va. (WTAP)- A new study may make you rethink your sleep schedule.

A recent study by the Journal of Sleep Research noted that people who sleep five hours or less regularly, including on weekends, had a higher mortality rate compared to those who routinely get seven hours.
Conversely, people who oversleep or sleep for eight hours or longer a night, also had a higher mortality rate over people who slept closer to seven a night.

The study says that an individual suffering with sleep issues can experience difficulty focusing for extended periods of time.
“If your body doesn’t have a chance to regenerate, if your tissues aren’t regenerating during the night, If your brain isn’t going into the dream phase of sleep called REM, you’ll going to have memory issues, memory problems, so you’re not functioning at your optimal level," says Raphael Perez, a registered Polysomnographic Technologist for Memorial Health System.

While the proper amount of sleep needed to function properly is personal, experts day that excessive sleep or difficulty sleeping could be related to other health problems.

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