Roger Sheppard's farewell editorial - 2/25/2017

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PARKERSBURG, W. Va. - (WTAP) This will be my final editorial as Vice President and General Manager here at TheNewsCenter. My retirement takes effect on March 5th.

I started doing these editorials more than twenty years ago, when I was still news director at WTAP. But actually, they began earlier than that, when I wrote columns and did editorial cartoons for the Parkersburg News, and later when I did a weekly program on Channel 9 Cable here in Parkersburg called Communique.

I have not taken for granted what a privilege it is to be able to pretty much write or say anything that I want, knowing that I will have to answer only to you, the viewers, if I say something you don’t like.

Over the years, lots of people have told me how much they enjoy these editorials. That’s been gratifying to hear. But just as gratifying have been the letters, phone calls, and e-mails that I’ve gotten, from people who disagreed with what I said and who took the time to share their views, I thank them for doing so.

The purpose of these editorials has been to give you background of things going on here at WTAP, and how we do what we do. To give you more details about particular news stories, that there isn’t time to share in a regular TV newscast. To help quell rumors, and alert you to false information that is being spread on social media and elsewhere. And to address whatever else I hope you might find of interest.

I’m not sure what I’ll get into next, I have family spread all over the U.S., and a daughter living in California, whom I hope to see much more often than I have the last few years. And of course there is bicycling to be done and music to be played. After that, who knows, maybe I’ll turn up here on WTAP doing who knows what. It’s been an honor to help steer the tv station that I grew up watching and have loved so much. I’m excited now to see it now as you do, from the comfort of my living room or from my smart phone, and I’m excited to see what innovations and ideas the talented people who work here will come up with next.

I thank you for watching these editorials over the years, it’s been an honor to do them.

And now as I’ve said hundreds of times, that’s this week’s editorial.

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