Roger's Editorial 12/24/2016

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This time of year, you often hear people talk about the “true meaning” of Christmas.

That meaning came home to me in a very real way this week.

I had a conversation with an older woman who said she had recently been shopping at a local retail complex.

She usually uses a buggy to carry things and to help her along as she walks.

She was having trouble finding the right kind of buggy, when a young woman offered her assistance.

Eventually, the young woman went out of her way to go find the kind of buggy the other woman needed and brought it back to her.

As a result of her kindness, the woman was able to do a lot of shopping and had an enjoyable time of it.

Without the buggy, her shopping trip would have been short, painful, and frustrating.

The younger woman didn’t know the woman she was helping.

But the woman I spoke to said that her kindness made her thankful to live here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

She can’t imagine what it would be like to live anywhere else.

Now say what you will, but helping others, with no intent or interest in getting anything in return, has to be among the definitions of the “true meaning” of Christmas.

The giving and receiving of a gift that was not asked for, was not expected, or maybe wasn’t even deserved in some cases, is the true spirit of giving.

Thanks to the young woman who helped the other woman in her time of need.

Oh, did I mention the older woman was my Mom?

Merry Christmas everyone.

That’s this week’s editorial.

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