Roger's Editorial 1/28/17

With all of the talk recently about “fake news” and “alternative facts,” it raises the question of “what is truth?”

Since most Americans get their news about what is going on in their communities, their country, and the world through third parties such as TV, newspapers and the internet…they have no real way to prove or disprove major issues on their own. They only know what they read, hear and see.

We are all at the mercy of the people who generate and disseminate information.

This comes at a time when large newspapers and other media have cut their staffs to the point that they can’t dig behind the news releases and sound bites to find out the real story or at least the “rest of the story.”

This plays right into the hands of those who manipulate the news across the entire political spectrum.

The scary thing about this is it makes people vulnerable to hearing, seeing and believing all sorts of things that are not true.

And it makes people question the accuracy of everything they hear.

Can we agree that one plus one equals two, or is that also open to political debate?

Did Germany exterminate millions of Jews and other people, or is that merely propaganda?

Did more people show up for President Obama’s second inaugural than for President Trump’s, or have all of those photos from 2013 been photo-shopped?

When facts become fungible, the past can become whatever a person wants it to be.

There are a large number of people who don’t believe anything they hear on NBC, CBS, or ABC, or read in The New York Times, The Washington Post and other major national media.

Some of that is due to the tendency of those media to mingle editorial opinion with news stories.

Those people have turned to sources like FOX News, which makes no bones about its political leanings.

But if all of those other media are on one side of the political spectrum, and FOX news is on the other…where does a person go to find un-biased news coverage?

That, my friends, is the biggest challenge facing all of us.

Because things have gotten to the point that no one trusts anyone to tell them the truth about anything in an un-colored, manner.

And in a land of liars and spin-artists, a truth-teller is a dangerous person.

That’s this week’s editorial.