Roger's Editorial 2/05/2017

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Over the past 100 years, millions of people have been killed due to drunken drivers in motor vehicles.

Each one of those deaths left a huge hole in the lives of the people who knew the victims.

Almost everyone knows someone who has either been charged with DUI, convicted of DUI, or who was injured or killed by a drunk driver.

It’s amazing how alcohol permeates our society despite the havoc and tragedy it has caused.

Now, there are people who are being caught in the ever-tightening legal web that surrounds drunken driving and impaired driving due to other drugs.

Many of them are good people, who made a one-time only mistake, and whose lives and occupations have now been disrupted due to alcohol.

And while my heart goes out to them and I wish their penalties were not so severe, I also know that they are paying the price for the deaths and injuries of so many over the years.

Those victims can never be made whole again or brought back to life.

Our only choice is to make the concept of drinking and driving, or doing other drugs and driving, so repulsive, that no one will do it.

Drunk driving deaths are down, it’s true.

But of course deaths caused by drivers doing other types of drugs, or being distracted by their cell phones, have taken their place.

How many lives will have to be lost due to those causes, before those also disappear?

Too many, I’m sure.

That’s this week’s editorial.

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