Safer ways to view the Total Solar Eclipse without damaging your eyes

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP)- To watch the eclipse officials advise always wearing eye protection.

If you don't have the right kind a local teacher has explained different and safer ways to view the eclipse.

This includes a projection view by making a pin hole on a black object and holding it above white paper. The shadow will cast the same image as the occurring eclipse.

You can also watch through mylar foil which blocks out a certain amount of light. Officials recommend folding the foil 5 times to ensure there is 99.99% of the sun light being reflected away and will not harm you eyes.

Another way to view the eclipse is under a tree. Believe it or not, Parkersburg High School Astronomy Teacher, Fred Doax, said you can see the same outcome of the eclipse through the shadows of sunlight through the leaves of a tree. “One of the things that is really neat about this, that they don’t talk about is that if you are near a tree or any object that is casting a shadow on the ground, and place the light comes down between the leaves is going to be the same shape as the eclipse. So that is something that you should really look for because that is almost as unique as the eclipse itself.”

The total solar eclipse will occur Monday August 21st.

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