September 2016 Jan Dils Golden Apple Winner

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With the 2016-2017 school year well underway, it's time to start handing out Jan Dils' Golden Apple awards. The first winner of this school year is Jennifer Wright.

Currently a Spanish teacher at Frontier High School, Wright has taught at several schools throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley.

While she has her own Spanish lessons to teach, her lessons go far beyond the classroom. She works hard to make sure she can also inspire her kids to help others.

Instead of just going the extra mile, she's actually gone the extra 1,500 or so for her students. She planned a trip to Honduras for about 30 students.

She says this surprise just affirms that her students are getting her message.

"This was a complete shock this morning and I am incredibly grateful. And I told them in there, I prayed for purpose and this is purpose, so thank you," Wright said.

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