Severe Storm Causes Damage in New Matamoras

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NEW MATAMORAS, Oh. (WTAP) - It’s been a busy week in regards to Severe Weather in the Mid-Ohio Valley, with severe warned storms moving through the area from the 12th through the 15th of this month.Even with this being the case Tuesday’s storm that moved from Perry County, to Washington County, and then through parts of West Virginia was by far the strongest storm we’ve seen all year. Right around 6:45PM, the storm barreled through New Matamoras and as it did so left a lot of wind damage in its path.

Justin Gilkey a resident of New Matamoras and part of the Fire Department talked about his experience on Tuesday: “It started getting dark. I noticed cloud cover back over there and it started over the ridge and it was like a waterfall coming over the trees; the rain was so bad you couldn’t see anything. That was the first time I’ve ever seen a storm that powerful come over the hill like that The wind, the way the trees were leaning over, and it was actually blowing over the house so it sounded like we were getting pelted with a thousand bb’s.”
Numerous homes around New Matamoras Elementary school saw trees bent over like toothpicks even pulling up the ground and pathways around them.Thankfully no injuries have been reported and cleanup was under way as rain kept away on Wednesday.

The National Weather Service in Charleston sent a meteorologist to survey the damage on Wednesday and concluded Wednesday night that the damage was caused due to a Downburst with winds reaching from 80-100mph.

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