Small-scale wind energy projects in Ohio still in demand

Wind turbines in operation at the Laurel Wind Project in Marshall County on Friday, June 20, 2014. (Stephen Mally/The Gazette-KCRG TV9)
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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - A new report from the U.S. Department of Energy shows there's still a steady demand in Ohio for small-scale wind energy projects to power factories and businesses.

The recent report says Ohio ranks sixth in nation after adding 42 megawatts of wind energy from small-scale projects since 2003.

That number pales in comparison with Texas, the nation's leader after adding 198 megawatts during that period.

In Ohio, Honda has two turbines at its transmission plant in Russells Point and Whirlpool Corp. has turbines that help power its dishwasher manufacturing plant in Findlay.

But Ohio's overall wind energy production still lags most states after moves were made three years ago by the Ohio Legislature to thwart development of large-scale wind farms.

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