Spaghetti dinner fundraiser held for Gold Star Memorial Monument

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Today several people in Marietta came together at the Lafayette hotel for a spaghetti dinner.

The fundraiser was to raise money for the Marietta Gold Star Memorial Monument.

Several members of the local marine corps. League came to show their support. Tickets for the event were eleven dollars. The monument will be dedicated this June at lookout park, which has been renamed "Gold Star Park".

Brian Casey is the Treasurer of the Hershel Woody Williams Medal of Honor Foundation, and grandson of Woody Williams. He says, "The whole idea is that the local community embraces and helps with the process of raising the funds to put the monument up. A monument that pays tribute to Gold Star Families sacrifice that they have made in service to our country by giving one of their own, one of their loved ones in service to the country."

The event also revealed the gold star faces that will be honored on the Marietta monument. They include lieutenant Richard Christy, Specialist Kyle Huckenberry, Lieutenant Randy Douglas, Sergeant Bob O'Malley, Staff Sergeant Wayne Martin Private William Taylor, Specialist Allen Nolan and Captain Roger Dyer.

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