Students Pitch in With Flood Preparations

MARIETTA, OH. (WTAP) - It wasn't just business owners preparing things for the flood, students and staff from all around Marietta took time today to help.

Students Help With Flood Preparations

Over 300 students and staff from Marietta schools pitched in on their day off. They filled sandbags, moved furniture, and cleared out rooms to help keep water damage to a minimum in many of the businesses Marietta as possible. All this with smiles on their faces.

"We have several community members that are passionate about the orange and black and the Marietta Tigers. And this is just a wonderful way to give back to the community, it's unfortunate doing it at this time, when we are where we are at this stage of the flood and what they have to do, it's good to give back to the community of Marietta" said Chad Rinard, Principal of Marietta High School.

"I mean, it builds a real sense of community in our school and with the rest of the community helping each other out so we're not just leaving everyone to fend for themselves." said Maxwell Garrison a student of Marietta High School.

Teachers and staff hope this taught the students about always being there for each other, especially in times of need.

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