UPDATE: Warren Middle School students collect soda can tabs to help families in Ohio

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VINCENT, Ohio (WTAP)- UPDATE 1/24/18:

After weeks of collecting, students at Warren Middle School collected a total of 203.7 pounds of pop tabs.

The total was finalized on Wednesday morning and the tabs will be sent to the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus.

Original 1/23/18:

What started out as a simple service project could impact almost a dozen families.

A class at Warren Middle School is helping students build character by teaching them how to care for their community, with a project to help the Ronald McDonald House charity.

Maddie Stealey, a 6th grade student at Warren, explains what the class is participating in. “In our character ed. group where we get together, we were going to do this thing where all of the classes come up with something like recycling or donating money to some places and our class came up with a pop tab drive so we could donate to the Ronald McDonald Foundation.”

The pop tab collection gets kids involved in science and sees the importance of recycling all raising funds to help children and families at the same time.

6th grade teacher, Elizabeth Donahue, talks about the benefits of the project. “Not only are they seeing the impact it is going to have on their community, we are actually doing a science skill as well, where they’re finding the mass using a triple beam balance with the pop tabs.”

Teachers and students at warren started collecting soda can tabs back in December; little did they know how far they would get!

Donahue says “When we started this project, we had no idea that it was going to escalate the way it did. but now we have collected almost over 180 pounds and that is going to be enough to help at least 7 to 10 families.”

The final count will be announced Wednesday during morning announcements. A prize will be given to the class with the most tabs.

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