Students in the Mid-Ohio Valley view the solar eclipse on campus

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - A total solar eclipse happened for the first time in the United States since 1979 on Monday.

Students in the Mid-Ohio Valley had an exciting day as they viewed the eclipse with classmates and teachers.

Local school districts gave the option to be excused from school for the day if parents wanted to share this rare moment with their child at home.

Parkersburg South High School had over 100 students who stayed on campus to view the eclipse during its peak hour.
They also had a special guest representing NASA on campus to teach them more about the solar system.

High School teacher, Jaime Kupfner says, "He is a graduate from Parkersburg, and he's working with the JPL an organization through NASA. He's doing education outreach and he gets to go travel to schools and teach them about the solar system. So, the sun being the center of that it's very important. This is a great opportunity for him to do his outreach program here in his hometown."

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