Super Bowl Sunday commercial format expected to change

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - It’s officially Super Bowl week, but not everyone is excited because of the game; The Super Bowl commercials continue to be a hot topic.

Laurel Cook, an assistant professor in marketing at West Virginia University says Super Bowl Sunday is the number one day of the year for advertisers.

She says the format for buying time slots during the game has changed, making it easier for small or new brands to participate. A lot of ads will be presented in a six second format, a strategy called tease marketing. It's a more brand based approach as opposed to product based.

"If I were to compare some changes in advertising strategies across the years, that story telling type of strategy is something I've seen really pop up, because what it does is it makes that connection between the brand and the consumer more natural. This year, you'll see more brands creating real time brand new content, meaning the ad hasn't even been created yet."

Cook also says for the ads that have already been released, she's seeing a lot of references to relief efforts after natural disasters that occurred across the country this year.

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