Tax bill has people paying some taxes early

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va., MARIETTA, Oh.-(WTAP) When Congress approved the new federal tax bill President Trump signed into law December 22, it set a $10,000 limit on deductions for state and local tax payments.

Right in the middle of that: property taxes.

Local tax offices, including those in Wood and Washington Counties, are seeing than normal traffic in the last days of 2017.

"From the average taxpayer and single homeowner, to the multiple-properties and businesses," says Steve Black, Deputy Wood County Tax Administrator. "And our customer base is not just Wood County, There's a fair amount of people across the state and across the country. And there are some pretty substantial tax bills we send out every year."

Black notes part of the people coming in is for vehicle registrations, due at the end of every month.

But it isn't just West Virginia tax offices being kept busy,

"This week has been pretty busy. Last week and the week before, they were trickling in, but nothing like this week," says Washington County Treasurer Tammy Bates. We've had more phone calls and more walk-ins last week and (Wednesday)."

You expect that to continue until the close of business Friday?, we asked.


Not everyone may be able to take this deduction.

Experts advise you to find out if you can, from your accountant or tax preparer.