The Second year of turning wedding dresses into angel gowns

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP)- Over 20 Volunteers with servant hearts gathered at the first Baptist church in Marietta to use their individual talents to make a difference for families that are going through a loss.

The memorial gown sewing day is a two day event where ladies from the area come together and make burial gowns for infants, also known as angel gowns.

Some volunteers have went through a traumatic experience themselves while others just feel the need to help.

Lesa Casto, one of the volunteers, says “I wanted to become involved in this because I lost a grand-daughter six years ago. She was-my daughter was 24 weeks along. And when it came time to have something to put her in, for the burial, there was nothing. I had to walk down to the gift shop in the hospital and I bought a pink receiving blanket which was just huge, but that’s all we had. I heard about this a couple years ago and I thought, ‘I never want another baby to have to be laid to rest in an oversize, pink receiving blanket.”

Pam Baker, one of the volunteers, explains “I’ve never experienced a loss but I have a talent for sewing. And I thought it was a really unique event and decided that I wanted to come. I redesigned the pattern and cut those out, out of fabric that was almost indestructible. And I help people lay them out, teach them how to lay the gowns out and most the time my passion is sewing though. So putting the gowns together."

Along with the gowns, volunteers also made burial wraps.

“This year, we’ve got a burial wrap. It’s just a square with a pocket in the front. We’ve sewn some lace on there and then the tiny ones that are too fragile to put in a gown; we just put them down into the little pocket of this wrap. Then we fold the wrap around them and tie it with a ribbon. We did not have these last year. Nicole wanted something for the ones that are just so fragile and hard to handle," says Casto.

This year the group made 22 gowns and 26 wraps.

The angel gowns are distributed through sufficient grace ministries to local Marietta families and families throughout Ohio.

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