The importance of checking for leaks in appliances during cold temperatures

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP)- With temperatures at or below freezing, keeping your house warm is a big priority.

First responders also say you should keep an eye out for leaks in your home.

The change in temperatures can cause pipes to expand and burst.
And gas appliances running constantly can form leaks over time, which leads to carbon monoxide poisoning.

First responders say the deadly gas is invisible but signs signifying if you are exposed or not can include flu-like symptoms.

Checking your appliances and installing CO detectors can help keep you safe.

Also keeping an eye on your pipes during these extreme temperatures is important so you can spot leaks before pipes burst.

Logan Mahaney, a Firefighter at Marietta Fire Department, explains the importance of maintaining your appliances and watching for leaks. "You'll have leaks with the heater, dryer, things like that. If it's not professionally installed or serviced, you'll get a leak and that is where you get your carbon monoxide from the gas. Right now the pipes are freezing and expanding and when they start to thaw that is when you'll find your leaks. Lines will be busting; they will expand and rupture and you won't really get your leak when it's frozen because everything is locked up, but when it starts thawing is when you get your leaks."
Firefighters say to put CO detectors on each floor near your bedroom and away from smoke alarms.

Allowing warm air to circulate around plumbing by opening cabinet doors prevents pipes from freezing.

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