The trip begins: Hawaii 2017

Memorial at Pearl Harbor
Memorial at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii

Pittsburgh,PA (Wtap)-- Well, the day is here and despite warm springlike temps making the pollen bloom, it's time to board our motorcoach and depart for Hawaii!

We have 25 fellow travelers from the MOV and two will be joining us in Denver. All has gone well, with departure on time. We paused at an "Ohio Mall" and selected our own lunch from many restaurants at hand--
McDonald's, KFC, Fish &Chips, Panera Breads, Bob Evans and Cracker Barrell.

I chose the combination KFC\Fish & Chips store and though a good hot snack, I regretted it... Half the employees had not shown up, but we were eventually waited upon. As I walked towards a vacant table, I found the floor very slippery from all the fried food grease that had been circulating in the too-strong air-conditioning,

Don't get me wrong, the food was good and hot, but I wish I had gone to Panera for my meal. It just looked like it was a cut above what I had chosen.

Most of our travelers waited and stopped at Bob Evans, opting for a full meal when we stopped at our hotel next to the airport.

As we wait for our early morning flight, we are reviewing our options for our time in Hawaii... So many choices and exciting experiences waiting for us ahead.

As I am blogging on a new tablet, this will take some getting used to... But I will try to post some pictures as well as summarize our day as we go!

Already, we have all agreed to sign up for a whale-watching excursion, and some want to go snorkeling, some golfing, and some "drive the road to Hana" with a rental car! It is a particular scenic drive around the island of Maui, that everyone recommends.

No flights over an erupting volcano for us, but a helicopter view of Wiamia Canyon is very tempting. We still have time to reflect, and select trip options, as the flight to Hawaii is ten hours in the air.

I only wish that I could drop off to sleep as we must be up early. Hawaii, here we come!

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