Three Marietta Firefighters Promoted

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP)- Today was a special day for three firefighters in Marietta as they moved up into new positions.

Family, friends, and fellow firefighters surrounded the three firefighters as they took on their new positions.

Mayor Joe Matthews held the swearing in ceremony where Rodney Scott was promoted to Assistant Fire Chief, Mike Dietsch promoted to Captain, and Eric Moore promoted to Lieutenant.

Firefighter Scott has been serving the department for 18 years and says it has been 8 years since the fire department had an assistant fire chief.

Dietsch has been a firefighter for 25 years,18 of those serving here in Marietta.

And after 16 years of service Moore says his new role will give him a different outlook and looks forward to serving the community with the crew.

New Assistant Fire Chief, Rodney Scott, explains his role and what that entails. “Two of the main roles for the assistant chief are training and fire prevention. So I’m looking forward to developing a good fire training program for our department.”

Mike Dietsch, now Captain, shares what types of changes will occur for him. “So today is my last shift on shift three. I’ve been on shift three my entire career since the day I started, so it’s going to be an exciting challenge.”

Eric Moore, who moved up to Lieutenant, states his gratitude to all those that helped him along the way. “I was glad I could have the people, the people I had to thank for getting me to this position. I’m glad they were able to be here and celebrate with me today.”

The ceremony took place this afternoon in front of City Hall. Currently the Marietta Fire Department has 34 firefighters.

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