Trump executive order may mean more use for military surplus gear

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MARIETTA, Oh.-(WTAP) This week, President Trump signed an executive order allowing local law enforcement departments to resume using surplus military hardware.

Two years ago, the Obama administration limited the program, amid criticism over how military equipment was used during protests in Ferguson, Missouri.
The new order by Trump allows the federal government to sell gear it no longer needs to state and local agencies.

That gear includes two Humvee vehicles stored by the Washington County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff Larry Mincks says the cars have been used in the past to help transport deputies during barricade situations involving an armed suspect.

"We would put people in the Humvee, and we would drive up and open the door and the guys from the Bearcat would get into the Humvee," the sheriff recalls, "and we could change shifts that way. They are armored and protected, and they have turrets on the top where you can get up and look."

Sheriff Mincks says Washington County has also made use of Vietnam-era weapons, such as guns, gas masks and even helicopters, originally intended for use by the military.