Unseasonable temperatures affecting local farm crops and animals

LOWELL, OHIO (WTAP) - So far we've had an unseasonably warm winter season and while that may be great for us, it's not so great for crops or animals. We talked to Witten Farms Thurday to see how the warm temperatures are affecting the farm.

The farmers tell us not to worry about their famous strawberries, they're in good hands. Temperatures don't have an affect on the delicious berry, but the warm temperatures could affect the vegetables.

Right now the veggies are kept in seed packs, but warm weather draws bugs. Farmers are hoping for some subzero temperatures for a good week to kill the bugs that eat the crops.

"Ideally is no snow cover because the snow insulates the ground and what we like to see is just really a hard freeze for a sustained amount of time. We love the seasons to behave the way their suppose to behave and we still have two months of winter that things could get particularly rough," says Tom Witten, Witten Farm Market and Greenhouse.

With the fluctuation in temperatures, it's also affecting their cows. The farmers say as the weather goes from hot to cold, it's causing them to get sick and constantly going to the doctors.

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