Veterans Recognized by Golden Corral

PARKERSBURG, WV (WTAP)-- Veterans Day may have been observed over the weekend, but some are still saying thanks Monday evening.

Local Veterans are being recognized Monday night by Golden Corral as well as local veterans groups.

It's the annual free dinner the restaurant provides to all veterans and those on Active Military Duty.

It's a way of saying 'Thanks for your service' in a tangible way.

"They've been doing this, Golden Corral and the DAV joined together many years ago, and offering this: Golden Corral Appreciation to all veterans, And it's been aworkin', aworkin' great," says Commander Paul DeBeroy. " We've got one of the better ones here, I'd say, in the Parkersburg area and around. It's very good."

The meal ran from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. but continues until the last veteran was served. Several hundreds took advantage of the offer Monday.


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