Vienna signs carbon water filter agreement with Chemours

VIENNA, W.Va. (WTAP) - On Tuesday night, Vienna’s City Council signed an operations and maintenance agreement with Chemours, in relation to the carbon filters installed on the city’s well fields.

This all stems from two years ago when a change in the acceptable levels of C8 in drinking water was implemented. During that time, residents in Boaz and Vienna had to get bottled water from the city. As a result, Chemours installed carbon filters on two of the city’s three well fields. The filters remove traces of the chemical from the water.

Chemours is now set to construct one for the remaining well field. It has been out of service and will return to normal when the carbon filter is put on.

Mayor Randy Rapp said, “The entire city water system will be covered, we have had wells 7 and 8 offline, we are now going to bring them back online as soon as the carbon filters are installed on that well field."

The mayor says now that the agreement is signed, the filter should be in place by the end of the summer.

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