Volunteers and merchants fill sidewalks as many prepare for potential flooding

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Marietta, Ohio (WTAP)- Roads were closed and volunteers were working around the clock as downtown businesses prepared for what could be major flooding.

Chris Carpenter, member of National Fenton Glass Society says “[We are] evacuating the building. Getting all the glass; we have valuables that are just one of a kind for the club from Fenton and other glass makers, so we are just getting those out.“

Local roads like Front, Second, Greene, and Butler Street were closed down to let merchants move belongings.

While some businesses started moving Thursday…

Bill Mannix, Financial advisor at Merrill Lynch, explains “We moved out stuff out yesterday because we knew we would want to be able to help everybody else. And we kind of changed our office into a, like a gathering point for all the students from Marietta coming down.”

Others decided to hold off until later Friday afternoon. Either way, businesses all over had lots of helping hands.

“We appreciate all of our volunteers. The college was great to come out, and the local businesses feeding them and they just go from one business to another, helping us all without asking,” says Carpenter.

Michael Mullen, owner of Over the Moon Pizzeria, shares “The best part of it is how the community comes together. And we saw that today when we had Marietta college kids, and Marietta high school kids, and we had community members coming and helping us move to our second floor. We couldn’t do that by ourselves. We couldn’t hire a moving crew and get all that done in two days’ time.”

Alexis Dalrymple, a high school student, says “We were downtown helping all the local businesses prepare for the flood and we are just trying to get everything set up.”

Halie Blauser, also a high school student, adds in “It feels really nice to help the community because there are a lot of businesses down here that just need like a lot of help.”

Abby Ketchum, a high school student, says “[We] have just been going, walking around town, going store to store, just asking if anybody needs help lifting anything, putting things in trucks.”

Owners were very grateful for the help and to see the community come together the way they did.

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