Warm February Leads to an Early Spring in the Mid Ohio Valley

MARIETTA, OH. (WTAP) - A warm February tricks plants in the Mid-Ohio Valley into thinking it is spring. But that's still weeks away.

20 of the 28 days in February were days had above average temperatures. We reached temperatures as high as 79 degrees. Trees have begun to bud in some areas. While plants like daffodils that are more sensitive to temperature have already bloomed. We asked experts if this means now is the time to plant.David Fleming of Greenleaf Landscapes says you should be cautious.

"It seems we get these warm spells, they could last for one or two weeks and things will really start to emerge so if the plant is small enough we recommend that you cover it to protect the new growth on it especially anything newly planted. Your perennials - your more tender type of plants; so they are going to be more vulnerable to cold temperatures and frost or freeze damage so if you do that you want to make sure you cover them."

Last year's February was also much above average and this is now two years in a row that plant growth has begun over 20 days ahead of schedule.

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