Washington Co. Commissioners support drilling in Wayne National Forest

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) May 31 is the deadline for the public comment period for the proposed federal oil and gas leasing in the Wayne National Forest.

Because time is running low, the Washington County Commissioners saw it necessary to let the Bureau of Land Management know they support the possibility for expoloration under the Wayne.

The commissioners say not allowing drillers in the forest would hinder land owners in the area from using their property to its best advantage.

"The biggest reason we support this is because the private land owners within the region of the Wayne are unable to extract their minerals unless the Wayne allows the drillers to go underneath their property as well," says Washington County Commissioner, David White.

White also says he encourages the BLM to move as quickly as possible on the matter and that it will be good for the economy of the county.

The commissioners also voted to approve an agreement with PDC Energy for further oil and gas exploration in Waterford Township.

This is the second lease in that area and the additional .7729 acres would bring the total land area up to four acres.

PDC Energy is leasing the land for five years at $3,000 per acre.

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