Washington County EMA assessing flood damages for state funding

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ohio (WTAP) - Ohio Governor John Kasich issued a state of emergency for 17 counties across the state, impacted by the Ohio River flooding.

Washington County is included in that list, and the Emergency Management Agency is requesting the public's help.

The Washington County EMA is completing public assistance and individual assistance paperwork. It's in an attempt to reach a thresh hold to qualify for presidential disaster declaration. EMA Director, Richard Hays, says if you had flood water inside your residence to call their office.

The state of Ohio thresh hold is just over $17 million to meet the requirements. Washington County must submit their full report by next Wednesday.

"The second phase of that is going to be the public assistance side. And that has to deal with our city governments, county government, townships. And the main focus on it is going to be around the bridges, culverts, infer structure, landslides. So I see us probably getting more aid on that side of it than we will on individual systems for homes and businesses."

The incident period is from February 18th to the 25th.

The damage assessment process will identify unmet needs, evaluate the statewide impact, and engage state recovery partners for resources.

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