Williamstown woman and Waterford man face charges in Waterford burglary

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WATERFORD, Ohio (WTAP) - A Williamstown, W.Va. woman and a Waterford, Ohio man face burglary and drug charges after a burglary in Waterford.

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, on February 21, deputies responded to a reported burglary at a home on Mill Street in Waterford, Ohio.

The home had been broken into and ransacked and several items had been stolen, including guns, jewelry, military awards, coin collections and Presidential Gold Dollars, among other items.

On the previous day, another deputy had responded to the Lakeside Motel in Beverly, Ohio, after employees found items left in a room there.

In the motel room, deputies recovered numerous military ribbons and awards, jewelry including a Mickey Mouse ring, and a piece of broken jewelry with the letters “KA," along with other evidence in a trash can inside the room.

Deputies learned the room was rented by Zachary Marshall Mounts, 35, of High Avenue in Waterford, and that he had brought a woman - later discovered to be Lorena Ann Smith, 40, of Front Street in Williamstown, W.Va. - into the room with him.

Hotel staff told deputies that Mounts was seen with a large amount of cash, including foreign money.

The family who owned the home reported burglarized the next day was able to positively identify the items recovered from the motel room as theirs.

Deputies checked records at Bill’s Coin and Jewelry Shop and confirmed that on February 19, Mounts and Smith had cashed in a private coin collection and Presidential gold dollars.

Deputies also learned from a local car dealer that Mounts and Smith had purchased a 2002 Mercury Sable with cash on February 19.

On March 3, deputies interviewed Zachary Mounts at his home, where he admitted to being at the Lakeside Motel and told deputies Lorena Smith was with him at the motel.

Mounts also admitted to having large amounts of cash, but said Lorena had provided him all the cash, and said it was Smith who wanted to drive up Mill Street in Waterford.

On March 4, deputies found and interviewed Lorena Smith, who confessed that on February 15, she and Mounts had broken into the home on Mill Street in Waterford.

She told deputies Mounts had led her to the home, pried a window pane from a door to the residence and unlocked it.

Smith said she and Mounts both entered the home and stole thousands of dollars worth of coins, which they cashed in at Bill’s Coins and Jewelry in Belpre Ohio.

According to Smith, she and Mounts used that cash to buy a 2002 Mercury Sable at a local car dealer.

Smith also told deputies she and Mounts entered the residence again during the next 3 to 4 days, stealing multiple items, including a Smith and Wesson 9mm handgun.

Deputies seized the 2002 Mercury Sable from Smith as evidence.

Deputies then returned to Mounts' home and re-interviewed him about the stolen gun.

Mounts told them an unknown person had contacted him asking to buy the gun, and told deputies he left the gun near a bridge in Waterford.

But, after deputies took Mounts to the location to recover the gun, Mounts told them he had actually traded the gun to a drug dealer in exchange for methamphetamine.

Mounts then told deputies he had methamphetamine and a methamphetamine pipe in his pockets, which deputies recovered as evidence.

Zachary Marshall Mounts was arrested and charged with 2nd degree felony burglary, 3rd degree tampering with evidence, and 5th degree possession of drugs. He is in jail on a $32,500 bond.

Lorena Ann Smith was arrested and charged with 2nd degree felony burglary. She is in jail on a $50,000 bond.

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