UPDATE: Winner of $758.7 million Powerball Lottery jackpot in disbelief

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DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - The winner of the $758.7 million Powerball Lottery jackpot has come forward, but has not yet decided how to move forward, after becoming a multi-millionaire overnight.

Her name is Mavis Wancyzk, a hospital worker in Chicopee, Massachusetts, and now forever known as winner of that historic Powerball jackpot.

"As I'm driving here, I'm like this isn't true, it can't be!"

But it is: She’s the winner of $758.7 million dollars.

Without hesitation, opting for the lump sum of $480 million, and also quickly deciding what to do about her job.

"I've called and told them I won't be coming back."

Wancyzk was the only person in the country to purchase a lottery ticket with the numbers 7, 26, 16, 23 and 6, lined up with Powerball number 4.

All numbers she chose herself, plus choosing to come forward hours after being declared the winner.

"I just wanted to do this. I wanted to get it over and done with, and then everybody will just leave me alone."

She bought the winning ticket Wednesday afternoon, just hours before the drawing, at the Pride convenience store in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

The store’s owner got word Thursday morning.

"The phone started ringing at 8:00 A.M., and we're as surprised as everybody else!"

Hers is the largest Powerball Lottery jackpot ever won in North America by a single ticket.

"Mavis, what are you going to do tonight to celebrate?”

“I'm gonna go hide in my bed (laughter)!!”

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