Rayon School demolition under way

PARKERSBURG, WV (WTAP)-- Update: 12/18/2017 6:20 P.M.

On Parkersburg's south side, an old school makes way for a new building.

Demolition of the former Rayon Elementary School began last week.

And the people in charge of tearing down the nearly 100-year old building have come up with a way for people to preserve their memories of the school.

From 10 AM-2PM, and from 4-6PM Wednesday, people can buy a brick from the school, as a fund-raiser for the Ericson All-Sports stadium.

"I went here as a child, (as did) my father, who is doing the demolition, and my mother," says Tessa Bosley Stull, representative for the Bosley Group, who is handling the demolition project. "The original school was actually built in the 1920's, so I think there's a lot of area people who actually went to school here, and have good memories of childhood."

The school closed in 2001.


The Wood County Board of Education approved selling a former elementary school building Tuesday evening.

The Board voted 5-0 to sell Rayon School for $115,000 in a move sanctioned by the city of Parkersburg, to a non-profit agency.

The new owners have learned that structural issues will require that the building be demolished rather than refurbished.

Assistant superintendent Mike Fling says the closing will occur in October.

"The closing has been schedule for an undisclosed date, but in October," explains Fling. " So next month... and one of the requirements for the closure document was the Board of Education minutes where you all approved the sale, and that Mr. Flynn has signature power for the Board of Education, which is standard."

In other news, the Board also heard that Wood County Schools are outperforming state ACT scores in all categories except for Math.

The Board is supporting the administration staff in their efforts to boost math scores across the district.

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