Wood Co. firefighters get $500 checks

MINERAL WELLS (WTAP)-- The memory of the disastrous IEI fire burns brightly in the memory of last fall, but especially for some who fought the blaze.

The Wood County Fire Association gathered in Mineral Wells Monday evening, in recognition of the group effort the crossed boundaries and affected us all.

Heck Heckert, head of Heckert Industries, said thank you to the 38 departments and 357 individuals who help out fighting the blaze, and also saved his 50 year old Yellow Cab business as well.

Heckert wrote out almost $20,000 in $500 checks to all departments involved.

Representatives from both sides of the river expressed their appreciation for Mr. Heckert's generosity in support of the valley fire fighting efforts.

Some of the monies will go to help finish the Burn Building in Wood County Fire Fighting training. Each department will decide how best to apply their funds.

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