Wood County adds final police-resource officer at schools

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Wood County schools and law enforcement have officially filled every high school and middle school in the county with a police-resource officers..

Deputy Hans Kochersperger started his first day at Blennerhassett Middle School on Monday.

This PRO position was partially funded by a justice-assistance grant approved through the governor’s office.

Sheriff Steve Stephens says the money was enough to fund half of the officer’s yearly salary.

Deputy Hans says this is his first time as a PRO officer, and his main goal is to be a role model for the students.

Deputy Hans says, “Well the main job is to make sure all the kids are safe from anything that goes on inside and outside of the school. Help support the staff or students, if they’re having an issue. I get to teach classes about lifestyles, drugs, alcohols, cyber awareness, and phone issues.

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