Wood County spared from major high water

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WOOD COUNTY, W.Va.-(WTAP) While there was more rain overnight Saturday into Sunday-and flood warnings were still in effect-by Sunday afternoon, there was a sense the worst of area flooding might be behind us.

Visitors Sunday even came to Fort Boreman Park to have a look at the high water. One indicated to us the river level even appeared to be a few feet lower than it was a week ago.

The only Wood County road that was officially closed Sunday was Nicolett Road, in the notoriously vulnerable Happy Valley. The part that was under water is one that is not particularly well-traveled.

Signs warning of high water could be found in several locations, but in even the most flood-prone areas, high water was either not present or was receding.

In Williamstown, the boat ramp along the Ohio River also appeared to to be greatly affected by the river's rise.

But while this latest flood threat appears to be subsiding-and a couple of drier days are in store-the possibility of rain later in the week could mean more high water as we begin the month of March.