Workers donate blood while at work to help American Red Cross

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.(WTAP)- January is historically known as national blood donor month and with severe winter weather there has been a tremendous impact on blood donations.

“The American Red Cross has to collect 13,000 pints of blood each and every day in order to supply the needs at thousands of hospitals. And this January comes at a very crucial time because we are facing an urgent blood need,” states Sharon Kesselring, executive Director of American Red Cross North West Virginia Chapter,

On Monday the American Red Cross issued an urgent call for blood donors of all blood types to give now because of the winter shortage and fortunately a local company is doing just that.

Kesselring touches on the effects of weather on current blood donations.“We have lost 158 blood drives due to severe winter weather that has caused us to lose about 55 hundred pints of blood collected. So this blood drive here at Chemours has been so timely.”

The Red Cross set up a blood drive sight at Chemours in Parkersburg to enable workers to easily stop by and donate even in the inclement weather.

Bob Fehrenbacher, Plant Manager for Chemours in Parkersburg, explains “We are happy to be working with the American red cross to have a blood drive here at the Washington work site. So our employees are able to come up, and we have a convenient opportunity to come and donate blood. We have been doing this for decades at this sight and we are trying to respond to this need by allowing our employees to come up here at a convenient opportunity to donate blood.”

The blood donated helps those undergoing surgeries, in accidents, and cancer patients.

To make an appointment or find a blood drive near you go to our Hot Button.

Fehrenbacher stresses the importance of giving blood, no matter where you live. “The need is significant and whether it is here or other places that would be in everybody’s best interest.”

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