Working outdoors in bad weather requires staying focused on the job

VIENNA, W.Va. (WTAP) - As snow continued falling and temperatures remained stuck below freezing Thursday afternoon, emergency personnel responded to numerous accidents across the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Among them was a two-car crash that happened just before noon at the intersection of Grand Central Avenue and 23rd street in Vienna.

No one was seriously injured.

But as first responders dealt with the cold weather, biting wind and falling snow, they were reminded of the many challenges they face this time of year.

"Whenever the weather's cold like this, there's slick spots on the road,” Vienna Police Sgt. Robert Pifer said. “There's icy conditions. The visibility's cut down and people need to remember to drive with their headlights on and to be care and take their time. It's a lot easier to get, have a wreck right now."

For one of Pifer’s colleagues, the focus is just getting the job done.

“I mean, it, it's cold,” Patrolman Austin McFee says. “That's why, you know, you see me wearing gloves, toboggan, all of that, trying, you know, to keep my body heat up. But you're out there, and you've got to do a good job. So just try to block it out and get the job done, do our work the best we can."

Like most people, both officers would probably rather be inside.

But they both admit the extreme conditions are just a part of the job they have to overcome.