Final Day of Riverfront Roar

It was the final day of the riverfront roar, and that meant we were set up for some action in the final races of the weekend.
In the first finals of the day it was Jim Kerr taking home the win in the Formula Two LCQ grand prix. Then next up it was the super sport feature race, and this race was wild, a back and forth race between brain Ulteig and Chip Wavero. But about halfway through the race, the 78 year old chip Wavero blew out his motor, knocking him out of the race and giving Ulteig the upper hand. After the race, Ulteig was very happy with what unfolded and that he was able to pick up the victory over Wavero who he had been chasing for two years.
For the other races it was Jason Nelson getting the victory in the powerboat national formula four. Then in the headliner formula two race it was Mark Jacob taking home the victory, finishing in second behind him was Lee Daniel and in third it was Jim Kerr.

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