South claims title in Tony Farrace Duals

The Parkersburg South wrestling team opened up the Tony Farrace Duals in Science Hill, Tennessee, with their fourth straight shutout, defeating Maryville, Tennessee. They went on to win four more dual matches to take home the team title. South will be in action next Thursday, December 21 when they take on Independence and East Fairmont, the top two A/AA teams in West Virginia.

Complete Results:

Parkersburg South 84 Maryville, TN 0
106 Devin Easton (PS) p. Zuriel Hampton-Coffin, 1:03
113 Brayden Johnson (PS) p. Samuel Thomas, 1:39
120 Tucker Windland (PS) p. Vinh Trinh, 1:32
126 Ian Irizarry (PS) p. Layton Hall-Croft, 1:37
132 Gavin Quiocho (PS) p. Parker Hill, 1:01
138 Luke Martin (PS) p. Colby McCall, 0:23
145 Zach Collins (PS) p. Michael Steverson, 0:43
152 Josh Humphreys (PS) p. Alaeldin Gibril, 0:24
160 Zane Hinzman (PS) p. Samuel Morris, 3:02
170 Hunter Daniel (PS) p. Christian Keough, 0:14
182 Drew Dunbar (PS) p. Scott Lindquist, 0:39
195 Dalton Fullerton (PS) p. Kobey Gumm, 1:17
220 Braxton Amos (PS) p. Dalton Crisp, 0:59
285 Louden Haga (PS) p. William Sloan, 0:42

145 Jarritt Flinn (PS) p. Zach Compton (Independence, TN), 2:10

Parkersburg South 72 Morristown West, TN 6
106 Devin Easton (PS) won via forfeit
113 Brayden Johnson (PS) won via forfeit
120 Tucker Windland (PS) p. Timothy Whitelaw, 0:21
126 Ian Irizarry (PS) p. Dylan Cribley, 1:21
132 Gavin Quiocho (PS) won via forfeit
138 Luke Martin (PS) won via forfeit
145 Zach Collins (PS) p. Conner Lawson, 0:55
152 Josh Humphreys (PS) won via forfeit
160 Zane Hinzman (PS) p. Shane Watson, 1:32
170 Griffin Simerly (MW) p. Hunter Daniel, 0:18
182 Double Forfeit
195 Dalton Fullerton (PS) won via forfeit
220 Braxton Amos (PS) p. Sonny Watson, 0:38
285 Louden Haga (PS) p. Don McAmis, 0:10

106 Devin Easton (PS) p. Mason Johnson (Maryville, TN), 3:33
113 Brayden Johnson (PS) p. Matthew Johnson (Maryville, TN), 0:28

Parkersburg South 70 Brentwood Academy, TN 12
106 Devin Easton (PS) p. Riley Clark, 1:07
113 Brayden Johnson (PS) p. James Patrick, 1:15
120 Tucker Windland (PS) won via forfeit
126 Ian Irizarry (PS) won via forfeit
132 Gavin Quiocho (PS) maj. dec. Billy Brooks, 15-4
138 Luke Martin (PS) won via forfeit
145 Zach Collins (PS) p. Logan Spell, 3:17
152 Josh Humphreys (PS) p. William Evans, 0:19
160 Zane Hinzman (PS) p. Harrison Smith, 0:45
170 Aaron Lovins (BA) p. Hunter Daniel, 3:02
182 Russell Holbrook (BA) won via forfeit
195 Dalton Fullerton (PS) won via forfeit
220 Braxton Amos (PS) won via forfeit
285 Louden Haga (PS) p. Thomas Gore, 1:50

126 Ian Irizarry (PS) p. William Fox, 1:42
220 Braxton Amos (PS) p. Jordan McCoy, 3:33

Parkersburg South 65 Grissom, AL 9
106 Devin Easton (PS) p. Jon Michael Turis, 3:36
113 Brayden Johnson (PS) p. Kevin Batten, 1:36
120 Tucker Windland (PS) p. Trevon Smith, 0:46
126 Ian Irizarry (PS) maj. dec. Richard Bigelow, 15-3
132 Gavin Quiocho (PS) p. Ethan Turner, 2:39
138 Luke Martin (PS) p. Zac Ormstedt, 1:40
145 Jonathan Handy (G) dec. Zach Collins (PS), 9-5
152 Josh Humphreys (PS) p. Warren Hoyt, 0:57
160 Zane Hinzman (PS) p. Carson Sapp, 1:01
170 Hunter Biggs (G) p. Hunter Daniel, 1:17
182 Double Forfeit
195 Dalton Fullerton (PS) p. Eli Rice, 3:12
220 Braxton Amox (PS) won via forfeit
285 Louden Haga (PS) won via forfeit

2017 Tony Farrace Duals
Championship Match
Parkersburg South 52 Science Hill, TN 16
106 Devin Easton (PS) p. Hayden Bodo, 0:34
113 Brayden Johnson (PS) won via forfeit
120 Tyler Seely (SH) maj. dec. Tucker Windland, 11-2
126 Braxton Mann (SH) dec. Ian Irizarry, 12-10
132 Gavin Quiocho (PS) dec. Joseph Frye, 8-2
138 Luke Martin (PS) tech. fall Luke Story, 21-6
145 Zach Collins (PS) tech. fall Isaac Wright, 18-1
152 Josh Humphreys (PS) p. Arthur James, 3:30
160 Zane Hinzman (PS) dec. William Diehl, 4-2 OT
170 Hunter Daniel (PS) p. Vegas Wells, 3:04
182 Jim Kalogeros (SH) won via forfeit
195 Weston Brown (SH) dec. Dalton Fullerton, 5-2
220 Braxton Amos (PS) p. Denzel Medina, 4:09
285 Louden Haga (PS) p. Jesse Cross, 0:29

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