The Mountaineers are Going Bowling

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The excitement builds as our very own Mountaineers get to play New York at Yankee Stadium in the Pinstripe Bowl on December 29.

"We are thrilled; that's always like a backyard brawl game," says Susie Haddad of Parkersburg. "It will be exciting...their games are always exciting though, they are so fun to watch win or lose, but I think their going to kick some booty."

According to Glen Fowlar of Grantsville, "I think we're going to win."

"I'm pretty excited, they had a rough spell there during the mid part of the season but I'm glad they get to go," says David Orr of Sistersville.

Dottie Miracle of Vienna says, "I think it's wonderful that they're going to New York."

"I think we're all disappointed that we didn't go to a better bowl but that's 'cause we lost five in a row, but I'm happy they're playing," says Eric Fitzer of Vienna.

"I'm excited about it and I was hoping we could go to California but we're going to New York instead, so that's pretty cool," says Bond's Drugs sales associate Frank Quaranta.

"I'm exited, we're actually talking about going; I'm trying to talk my husband into actually staying for New Year's Eve," says Bond's sales rep Cynthia Barton.

The mountaineers versus Syracuse in New York; will local fans go?

"I definitely would if I could, I don't think we're going to be able to go but we certainly are going to be watching," Haddad says.

"No, we won't go to see it, we'll watch it on TV," Fowlar says.

"Of course, yes, I would," says Orr.

"Probably, probably I would," says Miracle.

"Probably not, I can't afford to go see it," says Quaranta.

"Yes, I will pay to go see it," says Barton. "We actually looked up tickets last night. I have a feeling my husband's probably already bought the tickets."

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