2013 Celebration For Kids Telethon

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Giving kids and adults with disabilities opportunities to shine.

It's all part of Wood County Society's 2013 "Celebration for Kids" Telethon.

"We have many programs and for those children and adults and all our services are free. and because of this telethon which is our only fund-raiser, we're able to keep these programs alive," says Wood County Society Executive Director, Jane Stephens.

Programs like Buddy Camper, Sign Language Classes and Summer Speech are all available to those with disabilities.

And they're available for free.

Making a difference for them is only one call away.

"When the donor calls in, they call V-I-P, we have 14 phones waiting and 14 operators waiting to answer the phones and they'll be able to give their donation and we'll take their name and address and information and we'll send them a card with a return envelope in which they can return their donation," added Stephens.

Donations big or small, those calling in take time out of their day to bring some happiness to the kids and adults.

"It's all about making difference in the people's lives that we serve our program participants are very appreciative of all of our services," replied Stephens.

Services that are priceless in the eyes of those they help.

"It's more about sharing the community, sharing with them what we do, hoping that if they need our services, they can see what our services are that we provide and they can call us and we can service them in some way," said Stephens.

Helping this special group of people have an opportunity to do great things in our community.

This year, they raised over $100,000 in donations.

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