Surviving the Pink Slip: Part 1

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The nation's unemployment rate is currently at 8.1 percent, the highest since 1983, and it's something that's affecting hundreds of folks in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Joseph Ewing says life for him and his family has made a complete 180 after Century Aluminum, the plant where he worked for 20 years, closed its doors for good last month.

"Signing up for unemployment was different," Ewing said.

"And it seems to be a never ending task," his wife Amy said.

Filing unemployment was just the first step. So now, the struggle continues, and paying bills has never been so difficult.

"We had told them that my husband lost his job, and they don't care. They just really want their money," Amy said.

But with their monthly income less than half of what it was, the Ewing's are finding that this new road is not an easy one to travel.

"You don't really think about it when you got the money coming in every month to pay them. You just pay them and go on," Ewing said.

Now they're doing what they can to make ends meet.

"Sell what we can sell to stay alive," Ewing said.

After selling one vehicle and downsizing their furniture, the Ewing family can't help but wonder "what's next?"

"Our mortgage company was not willing to help us, and we had to sell to pay up, and I just don't know how long we'll be able to stay afloat," Amy said.

But the Ewing's are taking all the steps they can to make sure they do, and they have one plan they say is sure to get them through.

"We pray," Amy said.

"Yeah, we pray a lot. We stick together," Ewing said.

Relying on faith and family as their guide on this unexpected journey.

There's no question this is a tough time for the Ewing family, but they have a game plan for getting through.

We'll have that story Tuesday in part two of the series "Surviving the Pink Slip."

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