Cyber Monday Shopping Safety

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"With Cyber Monday becoming ever more popular every year, there's more and more people that are purchasing online that have never purchased online before and are unaware of the pitfalls and scams that you wouldn't have to think about by going to your local business," says Wayne's Computer World owner Wayne Hunter.

You can take care of your Christmas shopping list with the click of a finger from the convenience of your home.

But giving out credit card information online can be a dangerous game.
One way to stay safe; switch up your password for different accounts.

"One technique that people are using now is they just randomly hit a bunch of keys on the keyboard, copy and paste it into a text file and then when they got to purchase something they just copy and paste that way they don't even remember their password and it's very unlikely someone is going to hack it or get it," says Hunter.

Web sites boast deals that are too good to be true, and sometimes, that's just the case.

"Any sites that are offering things that just seem way too good to be true, like name brand items for pennies of the price, more than likely that's a fraud or scam. Stay away from that," says Hunter.

One way to outsmart any hacker, put just enough cash for your purchases on a disposable credit card.

"A disposable credit card you can pick up pretty much anywhere for just a few bucks and you only put as much money on it as the item you want to purchase. Always remember though to put enough money on there for shipping too. That's important," says Hunter.

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