Man Arrested For Child Pornography

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A man admits to having nearly 100 pornographic images involving children.

"We have a concern, a lot of people think these are just photographs and not that big of a deal but what we have to worry about is people collect what they're interested in," explains Washington County Sheriff's Office's Detective Sgt. Scott Parks

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says they found the images on Matthew Fitch's computer.

"During an on site preview of the computer I did observe numerous images of children, I would estimate between six and eight years of age engaged in sexual activity with what appeared to be adult males."

Parks says a search warrant led them to three computers in Fitch's Tennis Center Drive Apartment, Fitch was not home at the time.

Parks says they then seized the three computers and phones and returned to the apartment where they found Fitch. He did confess to downloading those images off the Internet and he stated that he had possessed probably between 80 and 100 on his computer."

The Sheriff's Office says anything involving children becomes top priority. They say the goal is to catch it before it goes to the next level.

"People collect what they're interested in. If you come to my house and I have golf shoes and I have golf clubs in the corner and I've got a golf magazine and my t.v. on the golf channel, you're going to assume that I like golf and I'm interested in golf. When we get information or we find out that a subject has numerous images of children engaged in sexual activity, we have a concern that that's what they're interested in, sexual activity with children."

Fitch is charged with pandering obscenity involving a minor.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says the investigation will continue they will going through every image on the computer and phone.

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