May's Jan Dils Golden Apple Winner

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Mrs. Anita Winter, a kindergarten teacher at Belpre Elementary, was given the honor Monday morning.

Mrs. Winter began teaching in 1976 and plans to retire at the end of this school year.

She says her love for children is what inspired her to become a teacher. Adding that it takes patience, flexibility, and determination.

"When you see a light come on in their face and you know that you've made a big difference in one of their lives. That's my whole purpose of being here is to make a difference. And sometimes you don't see that. You've made a difference but you don't see it til later but sometimes you actually see it right in front of you. And I guess that's the most rewarding thing," said Winter.

Mrs. Winter's advice to new teachers is to understand that teaching always changes.

Congratulations to Mrs. Winter on her award as well as her retirement!

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