Monitoring River Levels

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The 16 dams that control water on the Muskingum River and its tributaries are operating normally, as officials say there is plenty of storage space behind the dams. Still officials are monitoring how much rain falls Thursday into Friday as well as later this weekend to see if any action will need to be taken.

The rain came down steadily in Marietta Thursday, as officials kept their eyes on area rivers.

"We're in normal operations and that means we're watching all of our downstream gauges," said Nick Krupa, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Operations Manager for Muskingum Area Projects.

This is the time of year when the the Corps' 16 dams that control water on the Muskingum River and its tributaries refill the lakes, after the levels are brought down in the winter.

"We've been moving kind of slowly because we haven't had much precipitation but the storm that came by last week got us moving in the right direction but we still have plenty of storage space behind our dams."

In addition to the rain Thursday, the Corps is looking ahead to the next system.

"By that time if we get the amount of rain they're predicting from this storm, it'll cause a lot of snow melt in the area north of I-70 and that in addition to the fact that the ground will already be saturated will cause most of that rain we get Sunday night and Monday to be all runoff and so there will be very little room left in the rivers to be able to handle that so we'll have to start storing that water to minimize the damages," he said.

The treasurer of the Little Kanawha Conservation District- Bob Buchanan- said when we're expecting rain they have people looking for blockages, such as downed trees, but so far they haven't had any reports.

If you do see some and it's not an emergency situation, he said call the office at 304-422-9088 but if it is an emergency call 911.

You can monitor area river levels by going to our web channel homepage, click on the "Weather" tab, and scroll down to "MOV River Levels."

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