Surveyor, Daughter In Legal Battle

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It's he said, she said.

"He" is a Wood County elected official..."she" is his daughter.

And Holly Jane Belle says she was abused as a child by her father, County Surveyor Scott Stewart.

Stewart's daughter, Holly Jane Stewart, also known as Holly Jane Belle, has been making the claims in recent weeks in letters and postings on social media.

Stewart recently filed suit, denying those claims.

"The actions of the defendant (Belle) with regard to publishing the defamatory statements about the plaintiff (Stewart) were intentional and willful," his suit says, in part, "and designed to injure the reputation of the plaintiff as well as cause him injury.

Belle this week filed a response to the suit:

In part, it reads, "Statements are not defamatory if they are true.
the statements that the defendant made about the plaintiff are absolutely true. For those reasons, the defendant denies the allegations in Scott Stewart's complaint."

George Cosenza, Stewart's attorney, declined to comment, except to say Stewart had no choice but to bring the lawsuit, which Cosenza says speaks for itself.

We've also spoken with local law enforcement, agencies, and they could not confirm an active investigation into the allegation.

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