Christmas Evening at the Plantation - Dec. 9 at Henderson Hall in Williamstown

Well, Christmas bells are ringing, and there will be a special event this Saturday at Henderson Hall, at 517 Old River Road in Williamstown. Joining me now is Debbie Fenton to tell us a little about the event. First of all, thank you for joining me this morning. Debbie: Thank you. Briana: So, tell us a little bit about what's going on this Saturday up there. Debbie: Ok, this Saturday, Dec. 9, from 6 to 8, at Henderson Hall in Williamstown, we're having Christmas Evening at the Plantation. It's open to the public, and we're really excited about it. Briana: Is this something that you, you guys do every year? Debbie: This is our second year. Hopefully, it's going to be an annual event. Yes. Briana: How many people are you expecting to come out? Debbie: You know, that's a good question. But we're prepared for 25 to 30, possibly more. Briana: And tell me, how we were talking a little bit about the historic aspect of why this is so interesting for the public to come out and see? Debbie: Well, the house is a, really it's a local treasure. Everything in the house belonged to the Henderson family. It's like four generations of their stuff. And you get to see every room, every room is open. And you get to wander around. In fact, this Saturday night, the barriers are all going to be down, so you can actually walk in every room. We're going to have special music by Matt Whitworth. He's the local pianist here. There's going to be food, which is always nice. And the house is going to be lit by oil lamps. The lamps were actually owned by the Hendersons. So, the house has been there since 1859 - 1836 the old part, 1859 the new part. So, it's, it's a very interesting thing. Briana: And what time is this taking place? Debbie: From 6 to 8. Briana: From 6 to 8. Debbie: And you can come at 6 and stay the entire time, or you can come later on. Briana: And where . Admission fee to be able to come do this? Debbie. Yes, it's $25 a person. You can buy tickets by calling Henderson Hall at 304-375-2129 or you can buy tickets at the door. Briana: And I know you said this is the second year. So what was kind of the reason for getting this started last year when you guys started it? Debbie: Well, we had one of the volunteers suggested it, came up with this idea. And we all thought is was a good one. So we're trying it, and we're really enjoying it while we're trying it and coming up with new ideas. The house is beautifully decorated. If nothing else, you can just come, it's absolutely gorgeous. In the nighttime, it gives it a whole different feel as well. Briana: It'll have those lights, so everyone will Debbie: It'll just give it an intimate feeling, you know. Briana: It's going to be totally different than if you would go there on a Debbie: On a regular tour. Yeah. Yeah. For the reasons I gave. You know, the barriers are down. You can actually walk in and get a closer view of a lot of things that you're having to look at across the room on a normal basis. Briana: What do you think people will find the most interesting about this. Debbie: Oh, golly. There's so many things. You know, the house is just full of treasures. The house itself is a treasure. Everything. We get to go into the third, three floors. Plus the basement, plus the belvedere. So, there's just so much to see. We have people come and spend hours on a regular basis. So there's just so much to see, and we have peole that come back over and over. So I just think it's a special event. I encourage people, everybody to come out. Briana: It sounds like fun. Is this all put together by volunteers? Debbie: Yes. Briana: How many involved in that? How long? Debbie: Well, you know what, I'm not sure exactly how many volunteers. We have over 20, and Randy Modesitt is our director. And his wife, Charlotte, helps a lot with decorating and all that. But, yeah, there's over 20 volunteers that work there on a regular basis behind the scenes and doing tours. There's just a lot that goes on there. Briana: Well, it sounds like it's going to be a great event. And that's Saturday from 6 to 8 at the Henderson Hall in Parkersburg. Debbie: Correct. Briana: Don't' want to miss it. Debbie: No. Don't' want to miss it. Briana: Well, thank you very much for coming in this morning and sharing this with us.

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