Daybreak Interview: Actors Guild of Parkersburg


Thomas Battle Speach

Thomas Battle was the first speaker in a new series of presentations the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Parkersburg Library.

To Your Health: Fast Food becoming major part of many Americans' Diets

Fast food has become a major part of what Americans eat on a regular basis, and a new report from the CDC reveals just how much.

To Your Health: Hair Stylist Finds Breast Cancer Symptom on Woman's Scalp

It's no secret the best way to fight breast cancer is with early detection. That's why doctors urge women to examine their breasts on a regular basis. But there are cases where the cancer shows up in a place you'd least expect it, as one woman discovered when she got a haircut.

Artsbridge update for 10/18/18

A look at local events around the MOV for this weekend.

Forecast for October 18th

Forecast for October 18th

To Your Health: Acute Flaccid Myelitis, spreading across U.S., can paralyze kids

Acute Flaccid Myelitis, or AFM, is a Polio-like virus, spreading among U.S. children, that could lead to paralysis. Doctors are baffled as to how it spreads as the Centers for Disease Control investigates 127 cases in multiple states. We have more in today's "To Your Health."


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Nikki Haley cracks jokes at Al Smith Dinner, but says 'our opponents are not evil'

The U.N. ambassador called for greater civility in a nation that seems riven by harsh and unyielding rhetoric on both sides of the political divide.

Arkansas political ad caricatures black women

Two women in the radio commercial claim Democrats will go back to "lynching black folk again."

Man rescued after two days at bottom of mine shaft was searching for gold

John Waddell, 60, told his friend that if he wasn't back home by Tuesday to search for him. He was found on Wednesday.

DOJ issues subpoenas to seven Pennsylvania dioceses over sex abuse allegations

A scathing grand jury report from August accused the Catholic church of covering up the sexual abuse of children by more than 300 priests.

Top U.S. general escapes deadly Afghan gun attack

The Taliban claimed responsibility and said the American commander was the intended target.