Forecast for February 13th, 2018

Forecast for February 13th, 2018

To Your Health: Regular Exercise Can Lead to a Longer Life

A new study shows fitness is not only good for you, but it leads to longer life. We explain how those with a sedentary lifestyle are at a 500% higher chance of premature death than those who are extremely fit.

What's Trending 10/19/18

Today's trending topics: -Target's Cheese advent calendar -Star Wars AT-AT display -Golden Girls cereal

Forecast for October 19th

Forecast for October 19th

Thomas Battle Speach

Thomas Battle was the first speaker in a new series of presentations the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Parkersburg Library.

To Your Health: Fast Food becoming major part of many Americans' Diets

Fast food has become a major part of what Americans eat on a regular basis, and a new report from the CDC reveals just how much.


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USC offers $215M to settle doctor sex abuse claims, some opposed

Lawyers for hundreds of accusers say it's not enough money and the university has yet to fully disclose what it knew.

Migrants take shelter in Mexico before heading to U.S. border

"We aren't coming from Honduras because we want to, we come because we have to," Jorge Antonio Perez, a migrant who had crossed into Mexico, said.

Girl dies after battle over life support

An attorney for the 9-year-old's family in Texas said her heart stopped beating.

Saudi Arabia's explanation for Khashoggi's death draws criticism

"You don't bring bone saws to fights," former Vice President Joe Biden said. "What is going on here? It's embarrassing, but it's also dangerous."

Deadly attacks punctuate lead-up to Afghan elections

Parliamentary elections took place Saturday across the country, but were postponed in the province of Kandahar after a deadly attack on Thursday killed the region's police chief.