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Health Study Shows Link Between Breastfeeding & Slower Weight Gain in Infants

A new study published in the Journal of Pediatrics shows a potential link between breast-feeding and slower weight gain in infants.

To Your Health: FDA Disputes Study Showing Disease Risks of Breast Implants

The Food and Drug Administration is disputing a recent study that suggested women with silicone breast implants are at higher risk for certain rare diseases. Haley Hernandez explores the details of this study in today's "To Your Health."

Daybreak "What's Trending" 9/24/18

Daybreak "What's Trending" 9/24/18

Daybreak Interview 9/24/18: Entrepreneurship Expo

Daybreak Interview 9/24/18: Entrepreneurship Expo

Forecast for September 24th

Forecast for September 24th


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Louisiana soldier who detonated chemical weapon sentenced to 11 years

The blast set off by 24-year-old Ryan Keith Taylor last year emitted chlorine gas, badly injuring two investigators.

Global warming is overheating and drying out U.S. national parks

Temperatures have gone up in U.S. national parks twice as fast as in the rest of the country. And it's going to get worse, a new study finds.

Federal judge restores grizzly protections, canceling bear hunt

"This case is not about the ethics of hunting, and it is not about solving human- or livestock-grizzly conflicts," the judge wrote.

Dallas Police Department fires officer after manslaughter charges

The dismissal was announced by Dallas Police Chief Reneé Hall on Twitter.

Family desperate for answers in missing California mother's disappearance

Lyn Palmer, 71, was last seen on April 20, 2018 leaving her home in Fall River Mills, California to take her stepdaughter's dog on a walk. The dog returned four days later, but Lyn is nowhere to be found.