Forecast for May 16th, 2018

Forecast for May 16th, 2018

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Today's rundown: -TSA dog finds a pig -Apple releases an updated emoji.. just one though -Most expensive pizza

To Your Health: CDC study shows benefits of flu shot for pregnant women

If you're pregnant and thinking about whether or not you should get the flu shot this season, new CDC research shows that a flu shot significantly reduces a pregnant woman's chance of being hospitalized for a flu-related illness. We have the details in today's "To Your Health."

To Your Health: Woman with normal mammogram gets MRI that reveals breast cancer

A mother of four from Michigan did everything right. She got regular breast exams and annual mammograms. Last fall, when her mammogram came back normal, her doctor wasn't so sure it was normal, so he sent her for an MRI, which discovered a cancerous spot on her breast.


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Treasury employee charged with leaking to reporter

A senior Treasury Department employee was charged Wednesday with leaking highly-sensitive financial reports about Paul Manafort to a reporter.

White woman dubbed 'Golfcart Gail' calls police on black father at soccer game

"I started filming because she would not leave the father alone," said a woman who recorded the encounter. "There was no reason for her to call the cops."

Ex-Pennsylvania priest who molested boys after Mass pleads guilty

Father David Poulson would abuse boys and then make them confess to him, authorities said.

North Carolina trooper killed during traffic stop

Another officer in Tennessee was badly wounded hours later after being shot searching for suspect.

Can you now buy pot in Canada and bring it back?

It's a burning issue — with a less-than-hazy answer.